Culler Media offers a variety of media services including; design, branding, social media management, photography, videography, and media consulting. We offer unbeatable prices, but still, provide the best work possible!

Josh Culler, President

Josh Culler has been in the media space for over 12 years. With fresh knowledge and years of experience in the field of media, Josh hand trains each of his employees, which all have years of experience in media. With a passion to help businesses reach the world with their products, and to give consumers a great professional experience with personal use, he ensures 100% satisfaction with all services provided.

Vanessa Diaz, Director of Operations

With a vast knowledge of media, Vanessa has many skills in photography, design, and skills to run a business. Vanessa is the boss at Culler Media! She creates a great environment for our employees and clients to feel like a community and feel valued.

Lisa Moreno, Sales

Lisa has a valuable track record in the sales arena. Personally trained in the media field by Josh, Lisa’s knowledge in all things media and skills in sales make her an invaluable asset to the Culler Media team. Treating our clients like royalty is her expertise!

Max Babumara, Lead Designer

With many years and thousands of designs under his belt, Max designs with skills most designers study for. His passion to make quality work sets him apart from other designers Culler Media has come across.

Organizations we work with:

Hope & Strength Project, Christway Baptist Church, Veterans Path Up, Christian Media International