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We’ve all heard that we need a good logo and colors if we’re a business, but the biggest thing that is missed is that a logo and colors are what you see. A brand is what you feel, taste, smell, hear, and experience. A lot of logo service providers don’t focus on the depth of a brand, color theory, font allocation, elemental thought design. These are all things that have to be thought of when designing a brand.

It goes deeper into your business; what do your customers say about your business? What are your employees saying about your business? What problems do you solve for customers? What are your core values? These are all things that will bring your “nice logo” to a memorable brand identity.

Culler Media has designed many brands with the 100% satisfaction from every client due to our purpose of giving you the brand you need to differentiate from your competitors.

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” – Paul Rand