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Managing Your Brand

A lot of brand identities we have designed for clients need what is in this post. When asked, "what do you mean, manage my brand correctly?" My answer is always the same. Promise and messages, internal people, look and feel, and customers. It starts with these four...

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Posting at the Right Time

So you want to post content, and post it regularly on your social media platforms, awesome. One of the biggest mistakes people miss out on is the best time to post on a platform. “Anytime” is not the best time to post on any platform. When it comes to a timely post,...

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Branding Social Media Posts

When it really boils down to organic social media marketing, the ROI on it isn't very high, especially when your platform is in it's beginning stages. So what is the point if your conversion rate isn't high? Brand awareness. In the month of October Breast Cancer...

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Using Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram has no doubt taken the social media world by storm. I remember when it first came out, all the hype about only posting a photo and a caption and nothing else. It's been said that Instagram was created for photographers to share their work of art without...

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Video Content for Beginners

I’m going to start off with saying something everyone in any business needs to remember. That is with marketing, content is king and with content, video is king.  This is extremely important to remember while reading this blog, so don’t let the subject of this blog...

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The Importance of A Good Brand

With technology in the world nowadays, going to a logo generator from Google or even to sites like Fiver to give you a basic logo can be very easy. The problem with “borrowing” logos from the internet is that you need to keep in mind how easily you acquired that logo;...

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